From enhancing your brain power to reducing stress, reading brings you a lot of benefits. Reading would also help if you enjoy playing online casino games or slots at the land-based gambling establishments. Now, this might’ve come as a surprise to you. However, it’s true that you can learn a great deal from reading books on gambling and casinos.

If you’ve played casino games to some extent, you know how much you enjoy them. So, considering this fact, you’ll also enjoy reading about stories, tips, and tricks on gambling. Here, we present some of the excellent books on casinos and gambling:

1. 1000 Best Casino Gambling Secrets

This easy-to-understand guide by Bill Burton came out in 2005. It’s still loved by those gambling enthusiasts who want to take their casino gaming skills to the next level. A renowned writer in the gambling niche, Burton is also a co-founder of the dice company Golden Touch Craps.

He uncovers the truth about the most popular bets in this book. You can also know about the 10 worst and smartest bets. Besides these topics, the book also tells you how to find the best slots to play.

2. Scarne’s Complete Guide to Gambling

This fantastic book has been a bestseller since 1961 and there’s a good reason for it. It was written by John Scarne, who was a legend in this industry. Before his death in 1985, he was a gambling consultant to some of the governments. He has also offered his consultancy services to the top casinos in the world. He had the chance to meet many powerful characters.

Besides, he was in the inner circle of the complicated and intriguing world of gambling. Scarne, therefore, knew the ins and outs of these games better than anyone else. In this book, he provides his best tips and advice to the beginners. It would help those who are looking for a comprehensive guide to the land-based and online casino gambling.

3. Roll the Bones

David G. Schwartz’s stories in this book cover the gambling habits of several renowned characters in history. He is a pretty cool guy and has done many interesting works in casinos. Schwartz is also the Director of the Center for Gaming Research at the University of Nevada. In Roll the Bones, he talks about the origins and history of all the world’s popular betting games.

You’ll get to read about a French writer called Voltaire who believed that he could trick the lottery. What he believed might’ve been true, considering the fact that he won 9 million francs in the lottery. Another famous character you’ll get to read about in this book is Fyodor Dostoevsky. This renowned Russian writer went bankrupt at the in-house gaming club located in Baden-Baden, a German resort town.

4. A Man for All Markets

Written by Edward O. Thorp, this book narrates his fascinating true story. He was a professor of mathematics at the New Mexico State University between 1961 and 1965. His discovery of a mathematical method that could beat the dealer at blackjack was met with strong opposition.

Those opposing this method were the gaming clubs that belonged to the gambling industry. Eventually, they were forced to change the rules of the game. He was also an investor who called the Wall Street the ‘world’s biggest casino’. In the book, he talks about the things that motivate him to throw out conventional wisdom.

He also talks about how he comes up with game-changing solutions to the problems that are considered unsolvable. This book on gambling will surely challenge you to think about a seemingly irrational world logically.

5. The Frugal Gambler

When this book came out in 1998, Scott suddenly became an icon to the casual casino players worldwide. She came to be known as the ‘Gambling Grandma’. Born in 1938, she is a retired teacher, author, and a comp hustler. After her retirement from the teaching profession, she took up gambling. Over a period of time, she became quite popular in the clubs of Las Vegas.

In this book, she reveals how those playing on a budget can get their best at the tables. The book also talks about poker strategy. Much of her success came from the poker tables around the world. Besides giving some valuable information, this book also entertains you with her personal stories. It also tells you more about her life as a Gambling Grandma.

6. Gambling 102

In this book, author Mike Shackleford explains many gambling theories over the course of 19 chapters. He also states that those who are not afraid of mathematics can improve their games of betting. You’ll have a greater understanding of the games that you like playing after reading this book.

This makes the book one of the best books in the market on gambling strategy. It is based on Shackleford’s own gambling experiences, computer modeling, and mathematical calculations.

7. Blood Aces

Whether you play poker online or in the traditional way, you’ll enjoy reading this book. It’s an entertaining book by Doug J. Swanson about Benny Binion’s climb to fame. Binion is well-known as the originator of the World Series of Poker. Besides covering the personal genius, perseverance, and crazy vision of Binion, this book tells you something more.

You’ll get to learn some new things about Texas Hold’em. The book also tells you more about David Sklansky. You’ll learn how to put the knowledge that he gained during his years as a poker pro to use. This will help in improving your own game considerably.

8. Son of a Gambling Man

A memoir of Bob Miller, this book contains a foreword by Bill Clinton, former President of the United States. It takes you on Miller’s journey right from his childhood as the son of a bookmaker from Chicago. When he grew up, he went to a law school and had a stint in law enforcement. Miller later became the longest-serving governor of Nevada. His son, Ross Miller is an attorney and a politician.

From 2007 to 2015, he served as the Secretary of State in Nevada. Bob Miller moved to Las Vegas when it was a small and dusty city and he was a child. While he grew up in the Sin City, his father’s career as a respectable businessman took off. His father was also the partner of a major casino in the city.

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