Just like any other art form, you need contemplation, compassion, and curiosity to learn creative writing. Simply put, creative writing helps you in preserving your humanity. Writers preserve their imagined worlds in the form of novels, short stories, and poetry. Many of them also imagine a better world, which is then detailed in their books.

All through the decades, the world of literature has explored the changes that took place in human societies. Literary greats from the Naturalist and Beat movements had responded to the rapidly increasing industrialization in the Western world.

Virginia Woolf and a few other poets were instrumental in transforming poetry. Creative writing has the ability to describe the world through an unfiltered and honest lens. This would give you an idea about its importance in today’s world.

How creative writing enhances your job prospects

Those who are in the field of creative writing are the advocates for the creation of a better society. You may be writing for yourself or to share your writing with a wider audience. Either way, you’re contributing towards making the world a better place with your writings.

Creative writing is not a science, technology, engineering, or mathematics discipline. This is why many people think that learning creative writing won’t enhance their job prospects. They wonder what’s the use of learning such a thing when there’s such a low probability of making money.

It would come as a surprise to them that creative writing skills can actually get them many jobs. Here are some of the jobs that are ideal for creative writers:

1. Novelist

Becoming a novelist is an admirable career option and also requires the most writing work. To write and sell one’s own books would be a dream job for many writers. If you want to be a novelist, you’ll have to do many things besides writing.

Among them are marketing yourself in the literary world and maintaining your social presence. This raises a certain degree of curiosity in the publishers and readers to read your work. Although this is a tough task, it’s quite rewarding.

2. Copywriter

Copywriting involves writing a mix of styles and forms to help companies in their branding and marketing efforts. Among the types of content that a copywriter might write are blogs, emails, website content or an ad copy. You can flex your writing muscles in new and challenging ways, communicating the company’s voice and purpose.

As excellent blog, website, or ad copy carries the potential of increasing sales of a company. This is why copywriters are always in great demand.

3. Communications specialist

A communications specialist helps in creating a positive image of their company among the prospective customers. They try to achieve this through blogs, social media posts, and journalist outreach. This is similar to copywriting in many ways.

4. Grant Writer

The research facilities and non-profits are in need of national and local grants to finance their projects. It is the job of grant writers to secure funds for them. The most engaging grants tell the story of the organization in a tailored, engaging, and convincing manner.

Creative writers would never miss the opportunity to tell a meaningful story. As grant writers, they can also create a positive change in the community with their words.

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