Creative writing is one of the 21st century’s most wonderful yet misunderstood disciplines. Generally, when you think about a creative writing course, you imagine a lot of things. You probably think that these courses are attended by a group of introverts wearing argyle sweater vests. Before taking the course, you might also wonder whether it would be full of abstract concepts and vague conversations.

Well, these are only your imaginations, as the best writing courses are pretty much rooted in reality. The skills that you gain during such courses would be of immense help in your daily life as well. Now, let’s go through some of the reasons why you should learn creative writing:

1. Improved writing and communication skills

Upon taking a creative writing course, you’ll see a significant improvement in your writing skills. These improvements would also make you a stronger communicator. The writing courses involve finding the right word in a story or a poem.

While doing this, you’d be engaging the parts of your brain used in writing and speaking every day. Self-advocacy and the use of precise language will translate well into working environments and interpersonal relationships.

2. Improvement in thinking

Whatever the type of writing you want to pursue, learning how to write also involves learning how to think. Strong writing would therefore lead to strong thinking abilities. Your thoughts won’t form without language. Of course, you won’t require a language to think ‘I like birds’ or ‘I am hungry’. However, when it comes to abstract concepts, language is certainly needed.

You can’t think about things like justice, equality, or revenge without having words to express them. When you learn creative writing, you’ll develop the ability to find specific words. Your improved skills in effective storytelling and rhetoric will improve your ability to think.

3. Success in your job

Excellent writing would also lead to a considerable degree of success in your job. Every job undoubtedly needs some form of written work. It can be a simple communication in writing or something elaborate, such as marketing materials or publishing data. It’s pretty obvious that your superior won’t expect you to write emails in the form of a short story.

Your job won’t necessarily involve creative writing. Despite this, you can make a good impression on your superiors by writing excellently with precise grammar. This requires a good amount of practice, which you’ll get during your creative writing classes. By sharpening your writing skills, you may also have the chance to grab your next promotion.

4. Develops compassion

When you read or write stories, you tend to put yourself in the shoes of the story’s characters. Similarly, when reading or writing poems, you navigate through emotions with the help of language. The process of reading and writing rely on empathy to some extent. You practice empathy when you’re listening to the story of another individual.

So, when your colleague or client tells you about something and you’re listening carefully, you’re practicing empathy. When you write, you also develop your ability to listen and speak well. This makes you more compassionate and effective in your communication.

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